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Our Mission

Provide a super exciting edu experience to millions of school children world-wide. About: space &  climate change; using film-making & social media.

Our Story

Our founder has 4 children. And his kids, COP26 & Fridays for Future, really woke him up and made him realise that it's time for action!

Jim is passionate about space, and feels proud of the ingenious satellites that have and continue to being built: they play a vital role in our understanding of Climate Change!

"Magical boxes... that are so important!" 


But hardly anybody knows this... So Jim wants to tell this amazing story. In the most exciting way he can think of!

Since than, many, equally passionate people joined the effort. All work on a volunteer-basis and help give shape to an amazing experience: let's call it home-schooling 2.0. 

About the hottest topics of our time. :-)

Meet our team here.

A couple concepts we're very proud of: 100% of registration fees go to the online facilitators; the people who do the actual work.

The organisation relies on sponsorship to pay it's expenses.

Let us inspire you. Book us now.

100% volunteer driven

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