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Filming a Music Video

Film Festival

So, as explained, the homework will aim to produce high-quality Films. The films will be uploaded to social media (by us) and the general public gets involved deciding which one is best. Of course, you need to promote your film, or perhaps better: choose to promote the best one of your class. 


All films with non-English audio shall be subtitled in English. NB. Support will only be provided in English. (NB: a pedagogic goal!)

Two stages: a public voting scheme will determine the finalists. Finalists are ultimately judged by a professional jury composed of leaders in the fields of filmmaking, climatology and space.

Winners will receive a lot of (media) attention and 2 persons are either able to participate in a global Climate Change event (such as COP) or attend Space Camp depending on the preference of the winners.

A (fair) fee applies. The fee is scaled with Purchasing Power Parity/the Big Mac Index and thus is equal (in local currency) for all!!! And 100% of proceeds goes to (local) workshop facilitators! How do we make money? Well, if we are succesful we will get sponsors hopefully. If not, not a big deal: this endeavour is not about making money.

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