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The experience

Our online educational experience covers 3 modules: space, climate & film-making. 

Module 1 & 2 take 3 hours (including breaks). The 3rd module is still under development.  The idea is that students attend outside of school hours, since we don't need the teacher to do anything: our online facilitators take over and guide the students from begin to end. Obviously if so desired, it can be done during school time cq. in a classroom setting as well.

The space module covers basics of astronomy (star constellations, milky way, galaxies, big bang, solar system), space exploration (Moon, Mars), but above all how space actually works i.e. how rockets work, different orbits around the Earth, what satellites are composed of, basics of Earth Observation / Remote Sensing  (resolution, spectra, etc). Last but not least, the connection between Space and Climate Change is explained.

  • 3x Online Sessions

    3 hr

    From 5 Euro
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