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The Core Team

Who We Are



Camille Nicole is an educator who is dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues. She is passionate about change and educating individuals on how they can take action to combat climate change. Camille is committed to promoting sustainability and empowering others to make a positive impact on the planet.

Additionally, Camille is currently writing a book about the exploitation of women in the au pairing program. Her advocacy work highlights the importance of social justice and the need for systemic change to protect vulnerable communities. Through her efforts, Camille strives to inspire and engage others to work towards a better future for all.



Cameron has helped with PCs4KIDS' Education, an earlier initiative of Jim to bring a huge package of educational entertainment to kids globally through repurposing / upcycling of very old computers. For free, of course!

Originally from Australia, but now (also) based in London, U.K.. Cameron has a passion for EdTech and currently oversees the software estate of one the worlds largest professional services organisations. 



Meet Fódhla, an Irish educator with a diverse range of interests and skills. With a BA in Music & Archaeology and a Postgraduate diploma in Interactive Digital Media, she has pursued her passion for education in a variety of fields. She has taught piano and is currently an English language teacher, but her curiosity and fascination with space science and exploration have led her to explore this field in her free time. With a thirst for knowledge and a love of teaching, Fódhla is a dynamic and engaging educator who inspires her students to reach for the stars.



Ivan is a curious and creative professional who knows half a thing about AI and tries to use it to change the world for the better. He has got some knowledge in Physics, Mathematics, and Complexity Science, which he always love to share and talk about and he has always been deeply fascinated by space and the universe.

Ivan believes that learning never stops, and he is always eager to discover new ideas and think on how to apply them. Ivan's passion for learning is strong that he can't wait to share this passion with young learners like you!



Airi grew up in Japan, and has spent the last 10 years in Europe. She has studied Psychology in the Netherlands and Germany, and has also worked as a teacher for children from kindergarten to high school. Her passions include learning, being creative and playing music as well as with her cat!


Momen found space4climate a great initiative to be part of since it is focused on providing a fun learning experience to the leaders of our future (kids) about the importance of using space technology in tackling climate issues on Earth.

He is based in Sweden and he is researching the future impacts of climate and land use change on water availability in Ethiopia. He is passionate about using climate modelling to predict and plan for better adaptations in the future.



Georgia was born and raised in Bujumbura, Burundi (Africa), and has had a lifelong fascination with open areas and nature. With a strong interest in science and technology, she continued her education in Greece, where she earned a degree in informatics.

She subsequently worked as a programmer-analyst for a few years before deciding to work in education at Athens public schools, teaching computer science, ICT, STEM, and robotics. She is a member of the Stem Career Adviser Network, an EU Scientix Ambassador, a of EU CodeWeek leader, and she participates in numerous European initiatives, including eTwinning and Erasmus.



Sandra lives in central Portugal, where she is a primary school teacher. She has a Master's degree in Portuguese Studies and is finishing her PhD thesis in Literature.

In addition, she writes children's literature books and participates in projects on different themes.



Hajar currently lives in Germany but has lived most of her life in the Philippines and Kuwait. She takes great interest in how accelerated climate change is affecting our geography due to the noticeable differences she’s observed in her home town. She hopes that continued awareness and understanding of the crisis will lead to more sustainable solutions and actions worldwide.

She studied philosophy and sociology, which makes her naturally curious and loves learning (about anything and everything!). If you need an extra teammate for a trivia game, she’s your gal.



Jim, a space educator, is passionate about saving lives, especially of children! He's also VERY passionate about Africa. Jim has done many volunteer things: founded SGAC, was Education Director @World Space Week (WSW), Governing Member @International Space University (ISU), helped Students for the Exploration & Development of Space (SEDS), and is quite active @IAF. Above all, Jim is married with children (N=4)! Jim works at OHB DC, is Dutch, based in Bonn, DE.

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