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A fun, cool, inspirational, edu experience,

online, for schoolkids globally, about

space + climate using film & social-media.

Learning while having fun... is that possible?

YES, it is!  Kids love space. And climate action is a MEGA important topic.

We combined the two... as there is a connection... Curious yet?


Kids are often fascinated about space, but know little how "it works".


Mobiles are powerful tools we often take for granted. What if you can do some amazing stuff with them?


Climate Action is of great importance.  We will let kids explore what they know + learn some too.

Social Media

Who doesn't want to be a famous YouTuber? Well, here's your chance!

Education can be boring...
Not with us, it won't!

We provide a hyper-cool educational experience for school children.... worldwide!!!  :-) 

We use cutting-edge, online tools to deliver an out of this world ride. How does that sound?​ 

We'll explain the crucial role of space (data) to  understand climate change, and ask them to create a story using film & social media.

Let them join us on a fun path of discovery!


- engage kids in Climate Action in a fun way, with hands-on film-making activities.

- involve parents, friends, family & community through social media!

- increase their knowledge and motivate them to take care of the Planet!

- let kids speak up about what they think is important!

- give a chance to win once in a life-time prizes!

We work with a global
network of online facilitators

We provide opportunities to men & women that might face obstacles being involved in space activities otherwise. 

Our goal for 2025:


Online Fascilitators




Countries World Wide



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